Merry Christmas from Brodies

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’ve had a busy 2017 in the workshop, shop and hardwood timber yard and we hope you have had a fruitful year too.

We will be closing for Christmas on Friday 22nd December and re-opening on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Still chance to grab that last-minute Christmas gift in the shop!

Check out Record Power Christmas Crackers …

Many thanks for all your custom and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Kenny & Jen Brodie

Brodies Timber



Once again, we are bringing together the world of woodwork with the event which grows year on year in Scotland.

We are delighted to announce the line up for this year’s Woodworking Show at Brodies Timber, featuring demonstrators across a wide range of woodworking disciplines.

Vintage Hand Tools – Tony Murland is back for the second successive year with a hugely popular stand in vintage and second hand tools. Bag a real bargain or add to a collection from this eclectic range of tools.

Lathe Demonstrations – Our own team will be demonstrating the craft of woodturning which we apply to our bespoke joinery work.



Relief Wood CarvingRichard Douglas has been letter carving for us in waney edge oak boards and will be demonstrating his skills at the show. These boards are to become bed heads, commissioned by The Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar for a series of work by Brodies Timber.

3D Carving – Ron Dickens will be carving beautiful birds and demonstrating just what a keen eye and skill for detail he has. Stunning work from this ever poplar carver. Sign up for one of his carving classes.

Lonely Mountain Skis – Jamie Kunka – Going from strength to strength, Jamie is a rising star in the world of ski making and innovation. Featuring on the BBC’s Country File earlier this year, don’t miss this fascinating insight into steam bending techniques and laminating technology. Based locally in Birnam, we are delighted to have him back to this year’s woodworking show.

Record Power Tools and MachineryWe are always delighted to welcome Craig from Record Power to the shop, as not only is he a wealth of knowledge on woodworking machinery and tools, but he also brings great show day deals too! Grab a great deal with Record Power.

Bespoke cabinet making – Our own team will be demonstrating some of the skills we use every day whilst producing custom built products. From dove tails to fox wedges, joints and build techniques will be on show to observe and discus with our in-house team.


Galgael – Robert Louth – This year we are delighted to welcome Robert and his team back to Brodies Timber to demonstrate some traditional wood working techniques.

Instrument Making – Chattan Luthiery – Euan brings his amazing arrangement of instruments and musicians to the show, to demonstrate the intricacy of woodwork and how it affects the quality of his instruments.

Lov Events CateringThe guys from Lov events will be here again serving up delicious refreshments throughout the day.


Plus – Chestnut finishes, Treatex Hardwax Oils, Lie-Nielsen Heirloom Hand Tools, Veritas Tools, Carving tools, Saws, Sandpaper and Abrasives, Waxes  and much more!

Join us for a great day of Woodworking Demonstrations and Deals!

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October 2017 – 10am to 4pm


Mantles and Fire Surrounds

Our workshop can create beautiful mantles and fire surrounds from stunning timber.  From rustic waney edge oak to sleek contemporary black walnut; mantle and fire surrounds make a stunning feature in the home.

We can sand and oil and even carve mantles to suit the purpose.

Call us on 01350 727723 or email us at with your requirements.


Custom Built Doors – Handmade in Perthshire

We custom build doors in our workshop here in Inver, Perthshire.

Internal, external, glazed or unglazed, we can accommodate any number of styles and sizes.

We mortice and tenon our doors which can be built from a variety of hardwoods or softwoods available in our timber yard.

Call us today on 01350 727723 or email us at for a quote

Accoya Door

Church glazed doors

Oak Door

Spring Newsletter

Accoya wood has been a new timber we have been using to great success over the last 12 months or so. A New Zealand Radiata pine which has essentially been pickled, to produce a hard wearing, durable timber suited to exterior and challenging conditions.

Accoya® has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods, yet is manufactured using wood from sustainable sources.

We have produced a number of door sets and gates from this astonishing timber, which is dimensionally stable and is easy to paint. If you would like a quote for a build in Accoya wood, drop us an email and we will be happy to quote.

We are also busy building with our homegrown stocks of Perthshire oak. This fabulous timber has beautiful grain patterns and magnificent rays! Ideal for garden gates, exterior doors or garden furniture.

Get your plans for the Summer going here!


Needing saw blades sharpened?  We are pleased to be able to offer a new service of blade sharpening, from saw blades to planer/thicknesser blades, plus great prices on a range of bandsaw blades too.

Unusual sizes of bandsaw blades made to order.

Call us today or drop in your saw blades and ask for a quote…… 01350 727723

Custom Built Furniture

Our custom built furniture fits the needs, requirements and styles of our customers, as we tailor make our furniture to your desires.

Scottish Elm coffee tables, Black Walnut bookcases, European Oak Worktops, Iroko or Accoya gates, Pippy oak doors, custom made mantles, cabinets and staircases, the choice is yours …..
Here is our current gallery of work.



Doors made to measure

In our workshop at Brodies Timber we build handmade, bespoke doors to your specific requirements.dwb16_brodies_016

Whether internal or external, glazed, or solid hardwood, panelled or plain we can manufacture doors to meet your needs.

External doors – We build external doors in all kinds of timber including Douglas Fir, Sapele, Pippy Oak and most recently Accoya.dwb16_brodies_149

Accoya is a New Zealand Radiata pine, modified to be dimensionally stable and essentially rot proof.


We have had some excellent results using it, including these arched barn doors.




Internal doors – We mortice and tenon the majority of our bespoke doors and build door sets, glaze and fit ironmongery in our onsite workshop.


dwb16_brodies_196We have an array of timber to choose from to build your unique doors, anything from Tulip, Oak, Sapele, Douglas fir, Pine, Cherry, Maple and so on….  the world is your oyster when choosing the look for custom built door.

Get in touch today for a quotation.

01350 727723 or email


Summer News Letter

Brodies Timber Newsletter – Summer 2016

Summer is coming and along with the sunshine we have been enjoying the fruits of our labour!

The air dried Spalted Beech, which has been drying over the last year in our purpose built drying shed has now reached a 10% moisture content. The boards look maspaltgnificent with great character and even spalt markings and are now available in the shop in various thicknesses and widths.

The Perthshire Oak which was milled at the same time, is also looking superb, with lovely markings and pip. It is still air drying, but if you are in the mood for a garden project, it is ideal for an outdoor building project this summer. Various widths and thicknesses available.

We have been delighted to commission some amazing pictures courtesy of David Brown Photography, cataloging some of our work in situ. It has been fantastic to see the workshdwb16_brodies_037op so busy with bespoke builds over the last few months.

Our custom made doors have been extremely popular, with us building door sets in Tulip, Douglas Fir, Sapele, Accoya and Scottish and Pippy oak recently.

Whether you are after doors or dwb16_brodies_146tailor made worktops, tables or bespoke bookcases, we can design and work to your needs here in our workshop.

Thanks to all who recently liked and followed us on Facebook! It is a great way to keep up to date with all our news and pictures of what we’ve been up to.

If you are on Twitter, remember to follow us there too, as we are regular tweeters! Keep an eye out for Perthshire Hour on Twitter between 8-9pm on Wednesdays…

Finally, Don’t forget to book your diary for our Annual Scottish Woodworking Show at Brodies Timber!  Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th October 2016.

We are very excited by the interest from exhibitors and demonstrators this year….it promises to be our biggest yet!

More information to come……

Kenny & Jen Brodie

Interesting Timber

We hold at our Yard a wide range of Hardwoods and Softwood for a variety of woodworking purposes and disciplines.
These include:

American White Oak, European Oak, Scottish Oak, European Pippy Oak,

White Ash, Cedar, Elm, Tulip

Black Walnut, Beech, Cherry, Maple

Iroko, Majau, Meranti, Sapele, Mahogany

Douglas Fir, Sycamore, Chestnut, Larch

Boards are available in the varieties above, up to a thickness of 3″.  4″ boards are generally available in Iroko, Sapele, Douglas Fir, Ash and Tulip

 We hold a variety of exotics as blanks and some as planks including:

Utile, Purple Heart, Wenge, Pau Rosa, Rosewood, Amazique, Bubinga, Zebrano, Bocote, Teak Chakte Cok and Goncalo Alves.

 In addition, we will buy in stocks of other interesting timber as it presents itself, including : Brown Oak, Steamed Pear and Apple, Smoked (Fumed) Oak, Lime, Yew and Laburnum and a beautiful selection of burrs for turning and shaping.

 In the past, our specials of timber shorts have been very popular with furniture makers. We have held pallets of American White Oak and Iroko shorts in the last year and look forward to putting more specials on in the next year!

Purple Heart

Purple Heart

Purple Heart – Hugely popular with wood turners, this attractive and colourful hardwood is bright purple deepening to a purplish brown on exposure.
Hard, dense and heavy, Purpleheart is is known for it’s pungent aroma.
From Central and Northern South America.



Meranti – A pinkish red hardwood with a coarse but even texture and interlocking grain.
 From the mahogany family, this timber is commonly used in furniture or joinery products with the capacity and durability for indoor and outdoor uses.
From South East Asia

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir
A softwood which has a generally very visible grain either straight or sometimes slightly wavy. Medium to coarse in texture, Douglas fir is a versatile softwood which is good for use internally and externally.



Wenge – A very dense and heavy hardwood,  with a deep brownish reddish colour, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become nearly black.
Wenge has a fairly interesting grain pattern with a coarse texture.
Used in furniture making, instrument making and wood turning.
From Central Africa

American White Oak

American White Oak

Slowly grown, American White Oak is one of our most popular timbers. The grain is generally straight and the texture varies from coarse to medium coarse.
Used for a wide variety of purposes including furniture making, exterior and interior joinery work, cabinet making, flooring and decorative pieces.
Also used in cooperage, as white oak is seen as the only satisfactory container for beer wine and alcoholic spirits!
Ranging in colour from pale yellow – brown to pale reddish brown.  From North America.



Iroko – This very durable, dense timber has a distinct yellow colour. The grain is usually interlocked and the texture is rather coarse, but even.

Iroko has excellent strength properties, comparing well with Teak and working well with most tools.
Uses for Iroko include interior and exterior joinery, window frames, stair treads, fire-proof doors, furniture, carvings and even marine uses such as bridge building.
From Africa.

European Elm

European Elm

 European Elm – A beautifully coloured timber which varies from a dull brown in the heartwood to a lighter colour in the sapwood.

This is complimented by the irregular growth rings together with the cross grained character of the wood, giving a very attractive appearance. Looks lovely when polished.
A fairly difficult timber to work, but produces excellent results when used for furniture, turning wood ware such as bowls and feature pieces in internal joinery.
From Europe.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut

A stunning dense timber, American Black Walnut can vary in colour from a pale brown in the sapwood to a rich chocolate brown or even purplish black in the heartwood.
The timber has a fine even texture with a relatively coarse grain.
Uses include furniture, cabinets, musical instruments and decorative veneers.
From America.



A hard timber with a straight grain, American Cherry is a light reddish brown with the sapwood being a lighter pink colour.
Fine, narrow, brown coloured pith flecks are a common feature. It is moderately durable, works fairly easily, turns well and takes an excellent polish.
Because of its beautiful grain and colour, the uses for Cherry tend to be for cabinet and furniture making, musical instruments, boat interiors, high class joinery and even tobacco pipes.  From America.



Sycamore is a white or yellowish white coloured wood with a natural luster. It is generally straight grained but may be curly or wavy grained with a fine texture.
Fairly easy to work and machine, it is capable of a fine smooth finish when straight grained. It turns excellently and can be glued, stained and polished.
Used for turning, handles, furniture and flooring in addition to decorative veneers and decorative finishes in musical instruments.
From Europe.